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With progressive technology, plant genetics, product processing, and world-wide distribution being Perfect Plants' areas of strength, there's perhaps no company better positioned to lead the botanical & plant-derived drugs industry.

We have successfully filled the accelerated need for stable and reliable starting plant material in the agricultural and nutraceutical markets. Producing well over 40 million plant products per year, Perfect Plants is well equipped to meet the expanded needs of the plant based pharmaceutical market with further expansion on the horizon.

Our management team carries over 35 years of experience in cultivating high-value plants, maintaining large, 400,000 sq. ft. production facilities in South Holland and 45,000 sq. ft. in South Africa. Perfect Plants is currently the largest producers of spathiphyllum (peace lillies) and one of the largest providers of seedling potatoes in the world, our dedication to both quality and efficiency is un-paralelled in the tissue culturing industry.

Our facilities have the resources to support large-scale cultivation for global markets. These enviable benefits, along with our unique tissue culturing production process, are what encourages our vision of entering and succeeding in the medicinal and recreational cannabis market.

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