What is the Potential of Investing in Perfect Plants?

By working with Perfect Plants, you will have the opportunity to enter an emerging market with very few commercial scale competitors. 

By acting quickly on our strategic plan, we aim to:

Maintain a leading position in the emerging markets of tissue culture and young plant production.

Few company have the required infrastructure, technology and experience for the cannabis industry. Before any competitors position themselves to even become remotely competitive, we will be well on our way to executing our plan. By leveraging our existing financial and production infrastructure - both of which are unmatched in the industry - we can achieve a dominant position before competitors gain any footing.

Capture the soon-to-be flourishing industries of medicinal & recreational cannabis through our diversified approach.

With each respective market ready to explode, Perfect Plants is ideally positioned for this market transition. The aforementioned tissue culturing, in combination with our exclusive growing & distribution licenses, allows us to create a higher-quality, more consistent product that's competitively priced - all on a commercial scale. Our tissue cultures provide consistentcy for high value medicinal plants for proper bio-medical dosing that is quantifiable. Plus, our main facility located in South Holland places us in the heart of agricultural commerce.

Establish a new global offering that supports the pharmaceutical shift from chemical-based to plant-based medicine.

With no accepted solution for the pharmaceutical requirement of providing exact replications of active ingredients on a consistent basis, focusing on the emerging medicinal plant industry offers massive growth opportunity to Perfect Plants and its investors. Our existing infrastructure can support the expansion into cannabis plant materials without jeopardizing our existing cultivation business.

Increase plant production to pursue global opportunities

Our existing infrastructure clears well over 40 million plant products per year - with plenty of room to take on significant growth in cannabis. By expanding into lucrative international markets, we stand to deliver explosive growth.

Successfully leveraging our infrastructure will result in:

  • Growing capacity & market reach in our traditional business of cultivating ornamental & farm plants.
  • Using our existing infrastructure & experience to leverage the growing, global trend to plant-based medicine - especially the emerging medicinal marijuana market.
  • Expand production to grow hundreds of variations of Chinese plant-based medicines, which is projected to grow to $138.4 billion by 2025 (Helmut Kaiser Consultancy, Germany 2016)

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