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Growth is our Specialty

The cultivation and delivery of plant-based medicines is a budding industry that's ready to flourish.

Perfect Plants is a uniquely positioned bio technology company supporting the consistent development and large-scale distribution of young plant material. With a specific focus on the internationally growing, plant-derived medicinal market, we are able to leverage our existing network alongside our exclusive technology in plant genetics to provide quality product glabally. 

Medicinal plants will open up a world-wide opportunity that we are uniquely positioned to lead with our developed licensed producer relationships world-wide, resulting in exponential growth.

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The Perfect Opportunity

Facilitating Medicinal Plant Development

Our team is the flagship of Perfect Plants' strategy, adding years of expertise and industry know-how to our business.

With over 35 years of experience in cultivating high-value plants, as well as large production facilities in South Holland and South Africa, our commercial space has the resources to facilitate large-scale cultivation for global markets. Along with cutting edge infrastructure and respected brand-power, the unique tissue culturing cultivation process allows us to offer the highest quality, most competitively-priced tissue, cultures, and young plantlets on a commercial scale.

Security in a Budding Market

With the emerging market for medicinal and recreational cannabis use throughout the world, our facilities are ideally positioned for this transition on demand. 

Our state of the art culturing techniques have provided the ornamental and agricultural plant sector with reliable, high yield product for decades. Providing our expertise and knowledge to the flourishing cannabis market is a natural transition. By culturing high quality, resistant, and content-stable plantlets we can ensure our buyers the product will exceed expectations for pharmaceutical-grade commercial plants.

The advanced techniques employed at our facilities provide stable product in a budding market.

Why Invest?

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Tissue Culturing

The 'gold standard' of large-scale plant cultivation.

Growth Opportunities

Expected performance from our initiatives.

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