Why Invest Now?

The botanical and plant-derived drug industry is maturing, and the market is about to blossom.

That industry exceeds $62.7 billion currently (International Trade Centre (ITC), Switzerland); a report by Deloitte expects the marijuana industry in Canada alone to balloon to $22.6 billion - surpassing the combination sales of beer, wine, and spirits. Coupled with Canada's expected allowance of recreational use of cannabis, as well as legalization occurring throughout the U.S., we expect to have a significant opportunity in these areas through our approach.

With the emerging trend of tissue cultures, as well as the soon-to-be-booming cannabis market, this is the ideal time to be invested in a budding industry.

Market Advantages

Perfect Plants Today

Through our business partnerships with key large-scale cultivators, Perfect Plants is ideally positioned in Europe and South Africa, with the knowledge, infrastructure, and experience that laps the playing field.

To support our vision, we also possess R&D capacity, extensive trade relationships, and the ability to offer the highest quality, most competitively-priced tissue cultures & young plants on a commercial scale.

Tissue Cultures Solve Production Challenges

We can offer commercial producers seamless transition from using seeds to using tissue culture, when they desire a more stable and consistent plant quality. Tissue cultures provide much higher yields of high-value plants than traditional germination and cutting methods.

Cannabis growers cultivating a medical-grade product can rest assured that every plant is high quality and genetically identical. Using traditional growing methods, cannaboids, even in the same crop can be inconsistent. Tissue culturing produces identical DNA replication, with the same ratio of cannaboids, while resulting in a high yield of quality plant material that is resistant and hardy with shorter growth cycles for maximum profit.

Logistical Benefits

Our extensive experience in the bio-technology of tissue culturing and young plant production is unreplicated on a global level, facilitating economic scale, price, and quality. Our unique blend of skills and experience pave the way in an emerging market.

Perfect Plants is also uniquely positioned to enjoy the advantages of operating in both hemispheres. This further enables our capacity to shorten growing cycles on a large scale, and offer low-cost and stable starting plant material which is a more stable and beneficial proposition than alternatives.

Finally, the Netherlands is considered the agricultural capital of the world. With a state-of-the-art, 400,000 sq. ft. facility located at the hub of agriculture, we are ideally situated for easy international distribution.

Minimal Competition

Other companies intrigued by the industry are either dedicated to one product for internal purposes, have smaller facilities without scalable business models, or are operating without the proper logistics, partnerships, or relationships required for success. We have proven strategies and relationships in place to transition quickly into a leading role in this budding industry.

To our knowledge, alternative tissue culture sources are not available or used within the cannabis industry today, giving us an added competitive advantage no other bio-technology company can imitate.

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