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What is Perfect Plants?

Founded in 2014 to assist the growth & development of plant-based medicines, Perfect Plants is concentrating its strengths on driving the synergies between our coveted assets to become a leader in both medicinal and recreational cannabis. Not only is cannabis a significant growth opportunity, but there are over 250 other varieties of medicinal plants that can add to Perfect Plants' revenues.

To facilitate our vision of evolving into the industry standard of botanical medicines, we've made significant maneuvers to position ourselves to cultivate, and dominate, cannabis commerce.

To diversify our approach, we:

  • Maintained minority positions in several key companies that support our overall vision, including large-scale cultivators with cutting-edge mass production techniques & infrastructure
  • Built formal relationships with Licensed Producers of cannabis throughout North America


Perfect Plants supports the production of over 100 varieties of horticultural plants, including potatoes, water and carnivorous plants, and spathiphyllum. The current business is profitable without the inclusion of medicinal plants, which will quickly become the majority of our revenue. As one of only two companies licensed by Holland's Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis to grow marijuana in the Netherlands, we are uniquely positioned to produce and export cannabis materials to a world-wide market.

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