What is Tissue Culturing?

Supported by 35 years of experience and industry knowledge, Perfect Plants is revolutionizing large-scale cultivation & rapid replication of plant materials through a unique production process called tissue culture.

Currently, our customers include food crop, nutraceutrical, and ornamental plant producers & retailers. On a commercial scale, plants are typically grown from seed or cuttings, each of which require enormous time, space, energy, and care. These methods do not provide consistent quality and yield.

Through tissue culturing, we are able to meet - and surpass - the needs of plant growers.

Our current clients enjoy:

  • Reduced costs
  • Shortened production & growth cycles
  • Space savings
  • High quality, mold and pathogen free plants
  • Consistent genetics

These coveted traits are what we plan to leverate towards medicinal & recreational plant production in the cannabis space. Tissue culturing is seen by those ingrained in the industry as 'the gold standard', and is widely expected to replace traditional cloning techniques.

Less resources are required to maintain the tissue cultures, and they enjoy a reduced risk of infestations or pathogens that cloned plants are vulnerable to. In terms of sheer volume, nothing is more efficient, or provides a greater yield, than tissue culturing.

Our team has perfected the process over the past three decades, collaborating with resident scientists and certified professionals that are properly educated in the field. We can confidently say it won't be easy for anyone to replicate or imitate our intellectual property.

Existing infrastructure and our reputation in the market, in combination with the numerous advantages of tissue culturing, positions us for strong profit margins.

Perfect Plants has mass potential in an evolving plant based market. Supporting stable plant materials for agriculture and pharmaceutical applications, we are uniquely positioned to reamin the industry leader, in this new market.

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