Our Competitive Advantages

Perfect Plants' strategic plan is both diverse and focused. The combination of Perfect Plants' existing distribution relationships & subsidaries, exclusive business partnerships, and intellectual property in terms of cultivation process, allows us to form a varied and opportunistic business strategy that capitalizes on plant based, world-wide, growing market trends.


  • Perfect Plants is currently profitable through our horticultural plant division, and is well-recognized as a dependable and consistent producer of quality starting plant materials. Additionally, we are a reputable and trusted name in the business thanks to our 35 years of cultivation experience in producing high-value plants through large-scale cultivation.
  • Currently supporting the cultivation and production of over 40 million plant products annually, our proven model and successful culturing techniques ensure continuous consistency.


  • Distribution of plant materials will be done through our subsidaries and partners throughout the world. 
  • Cannabis growers in particular will benefit from the higher quality of product, yield, and consistency - all while lowering costs.
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities provide us with ample space for mass-scale cultivation, as well as research & development capacity. 
  • The facilities also carry a very unique certification: NAK-Elite, for food, ornamental plants, and pharmaceutical-grade commercial plant cultivation that exceeds Health Canada, USFDA, and EU standards.


  • Holland's Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis has granted us one of few licenses to grow marijuana in the Netherlands, the hub of cannabis commerce. This enables us to grow and export cannabis plant materials to a world-wide market, with the potential to produce medicinal cannabis for the Nertherlands and other European markets.

Technology & Plant Genetics

  • Tissue culturing is an emerging agricultural process that yields high quality and pathogen free replication of plants. We have refined this technique for over three decades, possessing the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure to produce tissue cultures in high volumes for distribution.
  • The duplication of our intellectual property would be a daunting undertaking for any new company.


  • Calibrated and pharmaceutical grade cannabis with perfect genetic replication is the gold standard in the market, as the need for consistent and standardized strains has never been higher. Not only can we meet this demand in high volumes, but our virus & pathogen-free, pharmaceutical-grade plants can be cultivated at lower costs.
Key Considerations
Tissue Culturing
Growth Overview

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